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Endeavour noun
A purposeful effort towards achieving a goal

Engaged in the ongoing journey of Yuan Artisan, I find myself continually immersed in a creative sphere, conceiving designs that draw inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional clothing and embody meaningful social narratives.

Amidst an uncertain future, I've cherished every single moment — a succession of bustling pop-up events, the unveiling of each new design — shared eagerly with an enthusiastic audience.

The drive to stretch creative boundaries and embed designs with social significance stands as an unwavering force shaping the evolution of Yuan Artisan. The recent venture into a kimono-inspired top signifies yet another bold leap toward exploring new design concept.

As I continue this endeavour, I remain committed to fearlessly experimenting with designs, with an unwavering determination to make each creation a testament to cultural richness and contemporary expression.

- Ai Leen, founder


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